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Miracle Blanket

This product was initially tested on 13,000 babies – ‘Miracle Blanket’ was the name suggested by their parents

The Miracle Blanket provides your newborn child with the warmth and support they need for a healthy night’s sleep and keeps them on their backs during the night; reducing some the risks associated with SIDS.

The Miracle Blanket has 100% money back guarantee and is the most highly recommended wrap amongst paediatricians and baby experts WORLDWIDE

The comfier your child is at night, the better they will sleep

Research has shown that swaddling within the first several months eases babies through the shock of suddenly being out of the womb. The Miracle Blanket is made from the softest material, keeping the child cosy and warm like they should be.

It provides the warm, snug feel which they experienced for nine months in your tummy and reduces cold and tingly sensations, which are the common causes of fussiness.

Newborn babies will experience many involuntary reflexes of their muscles and limbs which they cannot control. With little nails on their fingers, they can also cause themselves harm by scratching. Swaddling and baby wraps restrict these involuntary movements and helps the child to relax during the night.

Sweet Pea Baby Direct has a large selection of genuine Miracle Blankets in a range of colours and designs.


Why does the Miracle Blanket work better than others?

There are two design elements which are renowned for reducing fussiness in new-borns – classic swaddling and gentle abdominal pressure; and the Miracle Blanket baby wrap incorporates both within its design.

The Miracle Blanket also assists parents when feeding. Many parents have trouble keeping their child from squirming and grabbing during feeding, but The Miracle Blanket provides support for the child, helping to keep them relaxed.

Available in fantastic colours and designs

The Miracle Blanket comes in a range of different colours and styles to suit the gender of your child or the theme of your nursery. Choose from blues and pinks, to suit boys and girls and neutral colours such as white and green if you are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise.

How to dress your child when swaddling

It is important to dress your child appropriately when swaddling to avoid some of the common risks of SIDS. These tips were provided by the manufacturers of the Miracle Blanket:

It is important to continually check on your child when they are sleeping to make sure they are not overheating. A good indication is if your baby’s tummy feels overly warm to touch or if they are perspiring.

Watch out for dangerous imitations!

The Miracle Blanket is one of the most popular baby products available, and as with all commercial successes, many cheap imitations are now available. Sweet Pea Baby Direct would like to warn mothers about the risks associated with purchasing cheap products which have not been tested.

The Miracle Blanket had been tested on more than 13,000 babies before release and the design is continually improved to ensure the safest product. The smallest changes in design can cause major risks for the safety of the child, so make sure to check the following features:

At Sweet Pea Baby Direct, we put safety first

It is important that you create the safest sleeping environment for your child to reduce the risks of SIDS. Here are some helpful tips to ensure the best care for your child;

When your child sleeps well at night, you will too

Give your child the gift of a perfect night’s sleep. Miracle Blankets give them the warmth and security which they experienced in the womb; helping them to adjust gradually. The Miracle Blanket assists with sleeping and feeding, helping little ones to control involuntary reflexes.

Sweet Pea Baby Direct stocks genuine Miracle Blankets in a range of fantastic colours and styles. We enjoy providing the safest and most reliable baby products to Australian parents, at the best value for money.

For more information regarding the Miracle Blanket, browse through our catalogue to see individual features or contact us directly.




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