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Gyro Bowl

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Gyro Bowl

Children's no spill bowl


Lets face it, kids spill stuff while eating, they are just kids afterall!

With the Gyro Bowl, parents can finally relax while their kids have something to eat. The Gyro Bowl is 100% KID PROOF! and it's so much fun. With the gyroscopic inner bowl, as the bowl spins, the food always remains in an upright position. Watch your kids laugh and marvel at the way the bowl moves, always retaining its contents as it gets bashed and thrown around.

The Gyro Bowl magically stays open, rotates and becomes your kids favourite super snack contraption, and when they are done, simple stick on the 'stay fresh' plastic lid and save the food for later.

Whats more... the Gyro Bowl is dishwasher safe, and pretty much indestructible. You don't need to use it for just food either, it's great for holding paper clips, nails, drawing pins and much much more. So what are you waiting for!

How does Gyro Bowl work?

The Gyro Bowl spins in three directions but the actual dish containing the food remains table in all three stages due to its hinges. So, you can be assured that the food will not fall out in any condition. Even if you have a very mischievous kid who likes playing around with everything, Gyro Bowl will still work for you.

The hinged rings have tiny holes in them which are perfect for little fingers. These can thus serve as handles for the bowl. This way, your kid will always have a strong hold on the bowl.

It is small and portable and so, you can use it just about anywhere - in the car, in the park or the house. The bowl is so stable that food won’t spill over even in a moving car.

Comes with a stay fresh lid to keep food fresh between snacks.