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5 Point Plus Anti Escape Harness

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5 Point Plus Anti Escape Safety Harness System

Stop your little houdini


How does it work?

The “gap” near the red release buckle allows a child to get sufficient leverage to remove the straps off the shoulders. Otherwise, the five point car seat harness offers the best protection to your child as it is a bespoke fit every time you buckle up. The same cannot be said for other child restraint systems (CRS)

Car seats fitted with a five point harness offer unparallelled levels of safety. The five point harness is used by racing drivers and pilots who understand the reasons for wearing the harness!

No matter how well behaved children are, they are NOT dummies!

Children on the other hand, do not understand the importance of car seat safety.

They are not content to be fastened back if there is an easy option to wriggle and be unrestrained.

Standard five point harnesses have a design flaw when used in the environment of children, there is a gap immediately above the red release button that enables a child to slide their hands easily through and remove their shoulders. In a manufacturing environment such hazards would have a shield or guard to help prevent misuse.


These still shots from the video of this two year old clearly show the issue with the standard five point harness. The 5 point plus shields these gaps to prevent children from using them to remove their shoulders

The 5 point plus shields the gap that children use to remove their shoulders from the harness

The “5 point plus”, simply shields the gaps through which children escape from the harness. So even when children pull in their stomach to create more room between harness and body to enable slipping the harness of their shoulders, it is still not possible to escape!